At Amalgama Toys we believe that just like adults need ideas to play with, kids need toys in order to build their ideas. For over 2 years we have been developing a line of toys inspired by the mega-diversity of our country, Ecuador. Since the beginning we wanted our toys to not only be fun, but also sustainable. That is why our toys transmit a message of sustainability from the moment we begin fabrication until the moment they are in a kids’ hands.

We form a team alongside artisanal communities in Ecuador working under strict principles of Fair Trade, in order to protect the vast nature of our country that is under constant threat due to poor usage of natural resources and the lack of social unity.

With our studio and workshop, Amalgama rescues the identity of this beautiful country by working together with communities to contribute to its strengthening and sustainability. With this intervention, we improve their income, productivity and quality of life while stimulating the fabrication of artisanal wooden toys in the Ecuadorian jungle, without the necessity to cut down a single tree.